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NV HOPE: Student Highlight

Rosamaria Ruiz- Valedictorian

A single mother of 9 children amid a divorce and survivor of domestic abuse, she prayed for a miracle to financially take care of her family independently and manage the household. Rosamaria said her prayers came true when she heard about the Certified Nursing Assistant program with Goodwill and NV Hope.

Tired, drained, and depressed, she fought for her kids and for her future. Rosamaria attended the program with her oldest daughter Dominique. Both joined the NV Hope family in April 2022. On day one of Boot Camp, Rosamaria was shy, introverted, and insecure. She doubted herself and her ability to complete the program. However, a remarkable change transpired shortly after day two of Boot Camp.

Rosamaria was engaging in class and amongst her peers. By the end of the week, she nailed her interview and transcended self-love, high self-esteem, and confidence. “The program changed my life for the better we met some really good-hearted, straightforward people there.” She also said that the team allowed her to feel welcomed and safe. “Goodwill and NV Hope showed me how to become a better version of myself, no matter my background.”

Rosamaria worked very hard with little to no sleep to ensure she completed the intense and accelerated CNA program. She took advantage of tutoring daily, and her hard work paid off. “I didn’t want to give up or fail, I kept reminding myself of “my why.” Rosamaria graduated as Valedictorian and also received an award for perfect attendance. “I did it and graduated with my daughter by my side, a memory I will never forget.”

In a week, she passed her Headmaster’s exam and was hired in a long-term facility where she gained hands-on experience. She loved doing her job and performing the skills that she learned. Rosamaria was offered a new opportunity to work for DaVita as a Patient Care Tech, where they paid for her additional training. “This opportunity allows me to make a difference every day, and it is the best feeling in the world”.

Rosamaria’s said her spirit ignited, and she loves her health care career. Rosamaria’s story doesn’t end there; she is on the path to become a Registered Nurse in the OR. “Goodwill and NV Hope gave me a second chance, hope, and the ability to care for my children and, most importantly, believe in myself again.”