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MINDBODYSTRONG™ is an evidence-based cognitive skills-building program launched by The Ohio State University College of Nursing. The goal of MINDBODYSTRONG™ is to improve resiliency and self-protective factors for the overall well-being of clinicians.

MINDBODYSTRONG™ consists of 7 weekly sessions aimed to improve overall mental and physical health and support positive adaptation to stress, anxiety and depression. The sessions provide in-between practice to establish and support the positive behavior patterns and are in a manualized format. The MINDBODYSTRONG™ program approaches well-being and mental health in two ways, providing preventive techniques and proven methods for those who have anxiety and depressive symptomatology.

There are 16 research studies supporting positive findings in lowering depression, anxiety, and stress among those with elevated symptoms. The MINDBODYSTRONG™ program emphasizes consistent evidence-based interventions and healthy lifestyle behavior for preventive lifestyle modifications to improve mental and physical well-being.

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