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June 2021

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MINDBODYSTRONG™ is an evidence-based cognitive skills-building program launched by The Ohio State University College of Nursing. The goal of MINDBODYSTRONG™ is to improve resiliency and self-protective factors for the overall well-being of clinicians.

MINDBODYSTRONG™ consists of 7 weekly sessions aimed to improve overall mental and physical health and support positive adaptation to stress, anxiety and depression. The sessions provide in-between practice to establish and support the positive behavior patterns and are in a manualized format. The MINDBODYSTRONG™ program approaches well-being and mental health in two ways, providing preventive techniques and proven methods for those who have anxiety and depressive symptomatology.

There are 16 research studies supporting positive findings in lowering depression, anxiety, and stress among those with elevated symptoms. The MINDBODYSTRONG™ program emphasizes consistent evidence-based interventions and healthy lifestyle behavior for preventive lifestyle modifications to improve mental and physical well-being.

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Statement on Violence Against Black Men

The Nevada Action Coalition (NAC) calls for an end to the inhumane treatment of people of color. The racial violence and senseless killing of black people especially black men, who have been killed by the hands of law enforcement more than any other race, must STOP now. Those responsible must be held accountable including law enforcement officers, who are charged with protecting ALL people.  Our elected officials must bring forth actionable policies to dismantle institutional and structural barriers that have feed racism and inequality for way to long.

George Floyd, a Black man, minding his own business was senselessly killed, before our eyes on national television. As he laid in the street with a knee in his neck, while other police officers watched, he repeatedly said, “I can’t breathe”, and called for his mother.  He died before our eyes.  As nurses, we preserve life and know that being unable to breathe for eight minutes leads to a poor outcome.

The world is grieving. All races, all states, all genders and all ages are protesting the unjustified violence among law enforcement officers and racism in America.  Tensions have risen and protests for justice and peace are erupting locally and internationally because of the relentless and needless violence that continues against our communities of color, in particular against Black men.

Nurses go beyond the call of duty to restore health to their patients and save lives. Which we are currently in the mist of fighting the pandemic.  NAC demands that law enforcement officers do their job and protect ALL people.

The Nevada Action Coalition stands in solidarity with our partners to end police brutality and racial injustice in our communities.

All lives matter including Black Lives.