Limited time scholarships available for Community Health Worker (CHW) training program

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For a limited time, qualified candidates can receive
scholarships to enroll in FREE educational opportunity to
complete an online Community Health Worker (CHW) Training program


Why become a Community Health Worker?
The CHW Training program is an educational opportunity that will broaden your human services skill set and knowledge base, help you build your resume, and promote personal and professional growth.


CHWs help address some of the most pressing public health and healthcare needs, including improving service access to both primary care and behavioral health services throughout the State of Nevada. The skills of a CHW allow them to bridge the gaps between public health and healthcare by linking clinical and community resources. Using a multi-disciplinary approach to engage individuals into treatment is a way to promote access to behavioral health and primary care to eliminate health disparities and promote better health outcomes.  CHWs work in different settings throughout Nevada including federally qualified health centers, non-profit organizations, clinical settings, food banks, state programs, and hospitals by:
1.    Bridging cultural mediation between communities and the health care system
2.    Providing culturally appropriate and accessible health education and information
3.    Ensuring that people get the services they need
4.    Providing informal counseling and social support
5.    Advocating for individuals and communities
6.    Providing direct services (such as basic first aid) and administering health screening tests
7.    Building individual and community capacity


Certified Community Health Workers
In addition to gaining valuable skills and enhancing your resume, the CHW Training Program is the first step towards becoming a Certified Community Health Worker. For more information on certification and its benefits, please visit or email


Next Steps: Contact us by November 15, 2019
If you or someone you know are interested in becoming qualified for this free educational opportunity to become a community health worker, please contact Morgan Green at no later than November 15, 2019.